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Analyzes the Queen’s message to the Sussex tax by UK tax

The British community is analyzing this Wednesday’s line in response to allegations made by Queen Elizabeth II last night in an interview with the Duke of Sussex in the United States, which, while compromising, does not condemn racism.

Televisions, radio stations and newspapers have divided each of the 61 words of the proclamation issued by Palacio on behalf of the sovereignty in an attempt to understand the real situation within the royal family, which has been shaken by its worst crisis for decades.

In an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, Harry and Megan reveal that a king – the queen or her husband Felipe – inquired about their son Archie’s skin color before he was born, and he admitted that he had behaved so badly that she thought about committing suicide.

Isabel II, in response, told the couple that “it is sad to know in its full dimension how difficult these last years have been.”

“The issues raised are particularly worrisome. Although some memories may vary, (these issues) are taken very seriously and they will be handled privately by the family,” he said in the message, where he said Enrique, Megan and his son Archie would “always be very loving family members.”

Speaking to the BBC, Peter Hunt, a former Royal House correspondent for the chain, pointed out that the report, which came two days after the interview aired in the United States, was “predictable” and “did not publicly condemn racism.”

Hunt noted that this contradicts the news released by Palacio on March 3 to announce that workplace harassment complaints against Megan, raised by monarchy employees in 2018, will be investigated.

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In that statement, Buckingham Palace said it would not, and will not tolerate harassment in the workplace, a policy statement that did not appear in last night’s news report that racist allegations would be dealt with “privately”.

While the issues raised by Enrique and Megan will be taken seriously, the subtlety of saying last night that “memories can vary” also caught the attention of many in the media.

The Daily Mail, among others, explains that the couple’s version is controversial, while other magazines claim that the phrase indicates that a member of the royal family who allegedly raised the issue of color with Enrique has already identified his skin. The future son and how this will affect the image of the monarchy.

Before Palacio released his statement on Tuesday, younger Charles said his youngest son had stopped answering his calls in an interview, visiting a vaccination center in a London church where black people attend.

According to The Telegraph, the heir to the throne insisted on the origin of those present, many of whom were Africans, and “sent memories” to the family of a man from Nigeria.

At the same time, London quotes sources close to Prince “The Evening Standard” who make it clear that “he is very proud of the diversity of this country and believes that diversity is the main strength of modern British society.”