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UK-Spain Business Awards recognize 14 companies that strengthen trade ties between the United Kingdom and Spain

UK-Spain Business Awards recognize 14 companies that strengthen trade ties between the United Kingdom and Spain

The Department of International Trade (DIT)) The United Kingdom Embassy in Spain presented the second edition of the UK-Spain Business Awards this Wednesday. British Chamber of Commerce in Spain Y Santander Bank.

These are some of the awards that the embassy wants to celebrate on a large scale Trade relationship between the United Kingdom and Spain. A relationship though Proxy, Both governments hope to intensify, not just maintain, as promised at the awards ceremony Lord Jerry Grimmstone, British Minister of Investment, As Secretary of State for Commerce, Siana Mundes.

“We celebrate the strongest trade and investment relationship between the UK and Spain. Even if we leave the EU, Spain and the United Kingdom will always be close partners,” said Lord Jerry Grimstone.

For its part, the Secretary of Commerce of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism stressed that an agreement has been reached for a new trade relationship between the EU and the United Kingdom after Brexit.Stability and prognosis for operatorsHe insisted United Kingdom is a “first class partner” for Spain., Remember that this is one of our first goals Exports and investments. For this reason, Montes “encouraged us not only to maintain relationships of this size, but also to intensify them regardless of the structure in which they take place; Example “


This year’s awards ceremony was held in a virtual format British Ambassador Hugh Elliott The person responsible for opening the event. 14 awards were presented in seven categories.

First, business cooperation and association, Biocate, An organization that integrates and promotes the field of life and health sciences Catalonia, And online cosmetics store Logonicum.

In the category of winning businesses in Spain, the laboratory was awarded Genogenesis; When promoting innovation, Plus Idiot, Partner in the automotive sector, already Highway Power, Specializes in renewable energy.

Presented by the British Embassy’s Department of Foreign Trade Engineering in the category of New Investor in the United Kingdom Capitol, And aeronautical department company Ernova.

For its part, in the UK Development category, not two but three awards were distributed. Winners Wireless Telecommunication Infrastructure Operator Cellnex; Vithrala, A company dedicated to the production and sale of glass containers for the food industry; Y exolere, A leading company in the logistics of liquid products.

In conjunction with the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain, the award was given for the best British investment in sustainability in Spain. Grota InternationalAwarded the Best British Employer Award for Diversity and Social Inclusion Mitty, A leading company in the management of professional services and facilities with over 5,300 employees in our country.

The latest awards were presented Santander Bank, Accreditation of two Spanish companies in the United Kingdom: Wallbox O Lukiro; Develops technology for the first electric vehicles; Second is the leading online personalized shopping service for women in Europe. “The Internationalization is part of Santander’s dna. Four years ago we launched an initiative to support companies operating in both markets, this time supporting more than 350 Spanish companies to establish themselves in the UK and over 38,000 companies doing business with the United Kingdom last year. Through our solutions ”, underlined Jaime Uskola, the bank’s director of international commerce, Before announcing both winners.

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For the second year, UK – Spain Business Awards They were a celebration of the contribution made by Spanish and British companies over the past year to strengthening the bilateral trade relationship.