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Amanda Malmberg och Isak Bruno och gammal bild på Vipeholmsanstalten.

Amanda plays the main role in a movie about experiences in Vipeholm – plain text

Now a movie is being re-recorded Vipeholm’s experiences, which took place at Vipeholm Hospital in Skåne in the 1940s and 1950s. The film is about how people with intellectual disabilities are exposed to the experiences.

One of the actors in the movie is Amanda Malmberg. She plays the role of the young woman joanna:

– It’s so much fun to play her because she has such a great mood as she did in secret, laughs Amanda Malmberg.

Tried on humans

The film was filmed about Vipeholm’s experiences in Vänersborg in western Sweden, and therefore Amanda Malmberg, who suffers from Down syndrome, plays the main role of Johanna.

In the movie, Joanna lives with other disabled people at the large Vipeholm Hospital. The experiments conducted there were that the employees gave the disabled large amounts of sugar, because the researchers wanted to understand how caries appeared, that is, how we get holes in the teeth.

I got so hurt

Many of those who participated in the trial experienced severe dental pain and lost their teeth. It was a terrible time for the disabled, says Amanda:
– Unfortunately, a long time passed from the atrocities, as you did not have much rights and your voice to speak with him.

The movie makes more people know

The film about Vipehpolm’s experiences is expected to be ready for release next year. Amanda thinks it would be nice if a movie could be made about this, so more people could see what it was like, she says:
“And I’m so grateful that, as today, we’re making this movie, because you kind of elevate the story,” Amanda Malmberg tells P4 Väst.

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