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Peter Haber and Susan Reuter to star in feature film

Peter Haber and Susan Reuter to star in feature film

It was the Swedish Film Institute and Film i Väst who told the audience about the new films during a press conference. Daniel Espinosa, who previously directed, among other things, “Fast Cash” and which will be releasing next year’s big movie “Morbius”, entered the stage and talked about the realistic drama that he will now shoot.

The screenwriter for the new movie “Madame Luna” is Maurizio Braucci who previously wrote the screenplay for the Italian mafia movie “Gomorrah” from 2008. “Madame Luna” is about one of the biggest refugee smugglers in Libya who is eventually forced to flee. .

– Daniel Espinosa said during the Swedish Film Institute press conference that it is a study of the immigration system in the European Union.

Reuter and Haber in a feature film

Another new is the feature film by Andreas Uhmann “Someday it will all be yours” with Karin Franz Korloff in the main role. It is described as a “deeply personal story” about homecoming and about growing up and in the lead roles Susan Reuter and Peter Haber can also be seen. Registrations will begin in August of this year.

The now-announced third project is “Stammisar” by feature film director Mance Niemann, who has previously directed several music videos with Zara Larsson, among others. “Stammisar” is described by many different little stories, all revolving in different ways about relationships and dating in Stockholm. The roles include many Swedish rappers such as Jelassi, Linda Pira, Parham and others. The film will be shown for the first time in cinemas next year.

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