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Sweden’s first home for LGBT seniors opens today – QX

Today, Sweden’s first LGBTQI nursing home has opened in Handen outside Stockholm. The purpose is to provide a unique living environment for a large group of elderly people in the Stockholm region. “We want to create an inclusive environment where everyone can be one hundred percent themselves,” says the COO. Jane Lundvall.

Care and Nursing company Frösunda was surprised that in Sweden in 2021, hospice care adapted to LGBTQI seniors will no longer be offered.

Certainly there are a number of LGBTQI-approved nursing homes, but there are no purely activities or departments where the target group can feel a sense of belonging, he adds. Antonio Mir Cabot, the regional director of Frösunda and in charge of the Hanveden nursing home.

In collaboration with RFSL, the Rainbow Department at Hanveden is designed with activities and events. Art, culture, entertainment and celebration of pride will be obvious elements. On the walls hangs photographic art with, among others, famous LGBTQI people through the ages – Eva Dahlgren, Selma Lagerlof, Oscar Wilde and Peter Guback to name a few.

During the summer, the staff underwent training as the entire business became LGBTQI certified, and in mid-September, the first guests will move in.

It’s time for Sweden to get its first nursing home with a focus on LGBT people. We see that there is particular exposure to involuntary loneliness among the target group, much due to the lack of significant contact with other LGBT people, he says Vanga Prathin, RFSL Project Manager on Older People Issues.

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