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AI camera for heavy vehicles makes blind spots visible – PROFFS Newspaper

AI camera for heavy vehicles makes blind spots visible – PROFFS Newspaper

AI technology is on the rise, something Brigade Electronics has noticed in its latest camera solution – an AI-powered camera developed for heavy vehicles that makes blind spots visible and thus increases traffic safety. Easy installation and high reliability combined with advanced AI technology makes it a technological milestone in the field of road safety. This is what AB Karosseriteknik, Abkati, wrote in a press release.

Cyclists and pedestrians are often in the driver’s blind spot, increasing the risk of serious accidents. Brigade Electronics, a vehicle safety company, is now using advanced AI technology to offer a solution to reduce traffic hazards – high-resolution AI cameras for active blind spot detection.

Cameras are designed to To effectively reduce the number of accidents involving heavy goods vehicles and other road users.

There are two different types A number of cameras, one placed in the front of the car and the other in the back. The cameras are equipped with high-resolution image sensors and built-in data processing, making them capable of accurately and reliably identifying people.

When the system detects A person within the designated area, it alerts the driver visually via the vehicle display and/or audibly to prevent a potential collision. The system is trained using specially developed algorithms that are constantly improved to increase detection accuracy.

Cameras that are characterized by speed Uptime and Direct Connectivity Brigade displays are designed to be easy to install and use with a “plug and play” feature. With an IP69K rating, the cameras are protected against harsh weather conditions and dust. All of this, according to Epkati.

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