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After the update - you can now watch movies in Polestar 2

After the update – you can now watch movies in Polestar 2

An upgrade that allows Polestar to call its Model 2 more “recreational”. This is because you can now watch the video via the car’s infotainment system.

It has been a long time since it became possible to watch video in infotainment systems. BMW and Mercedes did turn on the functionality on some models, but it was a little weak.

Then Tesla came along and they had the option of being able to access Youtube or Netflix as a permanent feature for a long time.

Now Polestar joins the “rolling” movie theater gang.

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But still, it’s not quite on par with what the American electric car maker has to offer. First of all, there is quite a physical difference on the screen. In Polestar 2, it is a smaller screen and above all a menu screen to be applied. In addition, those who want to watch Game of Thrones or the latest Netflix series will be disappointed. Initially, a more limited range is offered.

We have released a trial version so our customers can start enjoying the benefits of in-car video streaming as soon as possible. We will also continue to add channels in the future, says Thomas Enginlath, CEO of Polestar.

Photo: Polestar

Of course, the payment service may not be what convinces filmmakers to choose Polestar. However, this first step that shows the power of having Google and Android on board should not be underestimated. The tech giant has enormous resources for further development of apps and services – in addition, the Android platform is said to be attractive to app developers because in the long run it will provide access to millions of vehicles.

Services currently offered:

SVT in Sweden

TV2 in Norway

Goplay and RTBF in Belgium

Tagesschau, Al Jazeera and BBC Ideas for all European markets.

Streaming is included in your Polestar 2’s data plan, so watching a video in the car doesn’t cost you anything extra. The limitation is that the image is not displayed if the vehicle is in motion.

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