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Aj – här krossas superbilar för miljoner

Unfortunately – this is where millions of supercars are smashed

Talk about destroying exclusive sports cars when customs lead by example. Seven cars worth nearly ten million crowns crashed under an excavator.

The Philippine customs are fed up with all the smuggled cars and decide to destroy all the smuggled cars they found. Here, seven supercars end up in the clutches of customs and are demolished in front of the camera to set an example and discourage others from smuggling the cars into the country.

This is what the seven luxury cars looked like before their fate was determined. (Photo: Philippine Border Customs)

More than 100 cars

In 2018, the authorities confiscated more than 100 smuggled cars

Earlier this year, border customs in the Philippines seized 21 supercars, all of which met the same fate as the cars in the video below, which they use to send a message – cars don’t run away here.

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This article was published on Dagens PS in June 2021

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