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After Brexit – the Swedes will be without their pack

Brexit has taken place and that means new challenges for both e-commerce merchants and consumers. At least it seems to have made up for those sending their packages from the UK, which has left private Swedish importers without their packages.

In particular, individuals and small businesses seem to have a hard time getting documents right, despite the post office’s ongoing campaign.

Many of the UK returns were sent back because they lacked the correct documents, says Maria Ipsen of Postnord’s press service.

Packages that do not come with the correct forms are sent entirely by voice. They are not stacked high while waiting for corrections. Instead, the sender simply has to redo the entire process from the beginning.

But despite the fact that packages imported specifically from the UK are now being handled with other packages coming from countries outside the EU, the transition appears to have gone well.

Importing small parcels from England goes through the customs depot in Arlanda, and they clearly notice an increase when it comes to a country, but it’s not that they feel overwhelmed, says Maria Ipsen.

However, for the company’s packages, there were no changes, which, of course, simplified the transition process. They still go through the Netherlands thanks to the package’s collaboration with DPD. Something that applies for at least another six months to come.

Curious about how e-commerce will work after Brexit? Don’t miss reading this weekend. Posted at 10 am on Saturday.


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