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The United States and China must cooperate against climate change

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An electronic signature may seem new, but the truth is that it has been around and widely used for more than ten years by companies all over the world. An electronic signature is a simple and flexible way to sign quotes and agreements remotely — but it doesn’t help you drive customer dialogue and work forward in the way required in today’s sales climate, says Sameer Smajek, CEO and founder of GetAccept.

An electronic signature is often the gateway to starting a more digital sales process, and many believe it is enough to digitize their sales. What data from digital sales platform GetAccept shows is that 50 percent of agreements sent with an electronic signature have not actually been signed.

This tells me that 50 percent of businesses still need to be managed digitally in a more efficient way, and just not digital signature is enough, Samir Smajek explains.

Getting a deal done is the same thing he’s always done – trust, personal relationships, and a smooth buying and selling process. The past year has presented challenges in how to maintain personal experience and commitment, when most work takes place in a digital environment.

There are ways to participate and stand out even in the digital sales process. Imagine you’ve opened an agreement, and the first thing that appears is a video in which your salesperson pedagogically explains the agreement to you before you delve into it. Then you get into a chat, where the salesperson asks you to ask questions directly in the chat if you need. Of course, I’d test this process differently, and it’s more convenient for me personally, compared to opening a PDF in an email, Samir says.

In addition to video and chat, it is also about making the purchase process easier for the customer. Using GetAccept’s Document Tracking, you can find out who or who has executed your agreement. You can also see what each person looked at a little extra, so that you can easily address their potential issues in the next dialogue. You also have the option to send your documents via SMS, as well as automatically reminding the recipient if the agreement is not signed.

If you incorporate these various interactive functions into your digital sales process, statistics from GetAccept show that you increase your success rate by up to 75 percent, compared to simply emailing an agreement for a pure electronic signature. It is clear that the personal interaction that creates commitment has a significant impact on the number of transactions, including digital.

Up to 85 percent of all sales will be digital in just a few years, so it’s about creating the conditions right now to be able to handle the growing demand for flexible digital purchases and sales, and therefore continue to do so. competitor.

– If you don’t hop on the train now, it’s going to be hard. Many companies are already ahead and if you don’t take this seriously now, you’re risking your business, Samir Smajek concludes.

GetAccept is a free-to-use sales tool – create your account today and test it out for yourself!

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