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They are categorized as a secure payment method and identify valid people when ordering online or to identify themselves with various authorities, banks or other companies.

Of course, other countries also use similar electronic services such as BankID services. Norway is a country that has an electronic identity very similar to the way it does when we use bankID as identification. The difference with electronic identification in Norway and Sweden is that electronic identification is done through the participation of the mobile operator. They also charge a fee each time the service is used.

BankID is Sweden’s largest and most widely used electronic identification and has been issued by 12 banks offering the service in cooperation. All the major banks in Sweden offer this service and more or less everyone in today’s society has the app downloaded to one of their units. Most people use their Mobile Bank ID to be able to complete purchases and identification on different internet sites with just a few keystrokes.

BankID is used to make online purchases more or less nowadays

Most of the technological changes have been openly received by us Swedes, and since the advent of BankID and the expansion of the service, we use it more or less for everything. Some areas where BankID is coming soon:

For logins where verification is required, for example on the Internet Bank, Employment Service and CSN.

BankID can be used to make direct transfers via the swish service.

The application is easy to download and all you have to do to activate the service is to either go to the bank or use your bank cash register.

BankID can be used from a computer, tablet, and mobile phone and is widely used by most people several times a week. The Service makes it more convenient and easier for us to handle our daily online logins and/or purchases.

Mobile BankID – A MUST!

Installing BankID on your mobile phone is rather necessary today, since the service is used mostly online. Everything from logging in to your internet bank, to making quick transfers, confirming purchases or logging in to different pages. To get Mobile BankID, do the following:

1. Log in to google apps Or the App Store and download the “BankID” app.

2. To log into the application, use your safe box and activate the service in your Internet bank.

3. If you do not have a bank box, you need to activate your bank ID at your nearest bank branch.

Each bank ID has a validity period before it needs to be renewed and this can vary depending on the bank you use. Renewing your bank ID is as easy as getting one for the first time and when the time comes you will be notified via the app. Many people who play at online casinos believe that BankID is flexible because it simplifies the process of checking payment methods and in turn leads to faster withdrawals. Previously, players had to provide supporting documents to prove their identity and civil registration address.

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