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Afghanistan - Women Transfer from Kabul University

Afghanistan – Women Transfer from Kabul University

There was great concern about what the new Taliban regime would mean for the lives of women in Afghanistan.

Development is now taking a very serious turn, reports BBC.

When the Taliban took control of the country, thousands of convicted criminals were released: murderers, rapists, people convicted of torturing women and children.

Now female judges in cases are threatened by criminals.

Several of them told the BBC that they had started receiving threatening text messages and calls. The channel reported that more than 200 female judges are now on the run.

One of them says that the majority of those she sentenced belong to the Taliban or the Islamic State. She has now received more than 20 threatening calls from prisoners now released. Many also say that the Taliban came to their old house and searched for them.

Women are transferred from the university

Recently, women’s rights have been restricted in several ways in the country.

The new President of Kabul University has announced that women will not be allowed to attend classes there in the near future, according to reports CNN.

“As long as the Islamic environment is not available to everyone, women will not be allowed to come to universities or work. Islam first”He writes on Twitter.

He also said they are working on a plan so that men can teach women behind the scenes in the classroom – because there is now a shortage of female teachers.

Mathematics lives in fear

There are now no women in the new government, nor on the list of deputy ministers, according to the Associated Press.

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Meanwhile, Kabul’s women’s volleyball team is hiding in fear of the Taliban, reports BBC Sport.

And one of the players was shot dead last month in mysterious circumstances.

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