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Fast and slow music is prohibited in Chechnya

Fast and slow music is prohibited in Chechnya

The semi-radical Russian republic of Chechnya is ruled by Ramzan Kadyrov.

The leader, who has been dubbed “Putin's attack dog”, has drawn attention on several occasions for his political methods, especially when it comes to human rights violations.

Kadyrov, who has called for the Islamization of the country, had previously banned alcoholic beverages and ordered women to wear the hijab in public places.

Stop Western music

Now the government in Chechnya is launching a new reform. Starting this summer, all music, singing and choreography must maintain a tempo between 80 and 116 beats per minute.

– Culture Minister Musa Dadajev recently said that borrowing musical culture from other peoples is not allowed.

The reason is that they want to crush the “afflicted” Western influence in the country. All music must now conform to the “Chechen mentality and sense of rhythm.”

“Resistance to the West”

In practice, this means that most music played in clubs in the country will be banned, the Guardian writes.

– What Kadyrov is doing is a kind of artificially inflated idea of ​​\u200b\u200btraditional culture. “You really want to emphasize resistance to the West or what you see as modern or decadent,” says Karl-Fried Kleberg of SVT.

This provision applies from June 1, and until then local artists must rewrite all music that violates the rules.

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