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Abortion can be banned after the 15th week in the United States

Abortion can be banned after the 15th week in the United States

Since 1973, women have enjoyed the right to constitutionally protected abortion until about the 23rd week in the United States. That year, the nation’s highest court ruled that a prior abortion ban violated the rights of a pregnant woman.

But now this position is being challenged from a conservative point of view. Republican Mississippi enacted a law banning abortion after the fifteenth week of pregnancy three years before.


Mississippi Judge Cartoon Reeves was quick to rule that the law against Roe v. Wade – as the 1973 ruling is called – was banned.

But now the case has been heard by the US Supreme Court. If they grant Mississippi lawmakers the right, it could mean that they and other states are free to ban abortions after the 15th week. Reuters writes.

The central question of the Supreme Court is whether abortion should be legal earlier than the time a fetus can administer itself outside the womb. According to medical evaluators, it is impossible before the fifteenth week.

Conservative Supreme Court

HD gained clear dominance against miscarriage. During Donald Trump’s presidency, many conservative justices took over the Supreme Court, giving that side a majority of 6 to 3 votes. HD’s newest addition, Amy Connie Barrett, is a staunch opponent of abortion.

The Mississippi also enacted a stricter abortion law, which bans abortions after the sixth week, but it has also been repealed – and it hasn’t been recorded in high definition yet. AP writes.

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