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A huge cuddle passion in the UK

A huge cuddle passion in the UK

Britain is taking many steps to return to normal as many coronary artery restrictions have now been lifted around England, Wales and parts of Scotland. But for Northern Ireland, this will continue until May 24.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo gallery.picture: Matt Dunham / AP / TT

From now on, for example, up to 30 people can meet outdoors in large parts of England, members of two families can be seen indoors and bars, restaurants and cafes are open for indoor dining. In addition, the closures have ended for museums, theaters, and cinemas, as well as hotels, guesthouses and lodges.

I’ll literally embrace everyone I see, actress Joanna Lumley tells The Telegraph.

But the people of England were urged to go easy on the hugs. Because even though many Brits are yearning for the day, there are still concerns about virus variants that are spreading in the UK.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson describes Monday’s easing of restrictions as an important milestone on the road to a full reopening – but also as a step that must be taken with caution.

We are closely following the spread of the mutated virus that was first detected in India and will act quickly as the infection increases, he says.

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