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ABBA brought over 2 billion kroner to Great Britain |  pleasure

ABBA brought over 2 billion kroner to Great Britain | pleasure

ABBA has retired, but in London their avatars are still very popular.

He wrote that the Abba Voyage digital concert brought more than $2 billion into the UK economy in its first year Reuters.

Oppa trip in london.

Photo: Johan Persson/Pressbuild

More than a million people have watched Abba Voyage in London since the show premiered last May. It not only created a sensation at the band's box office, but also in the UK.

According to an analysis published by Sound Diplomacy and RealWorth on Thursday, the show generated a total of SEK 4,134,222,093 in its first twelve months.

The analysis shows that the offer increased the UK's net financial profit by SEK 2,278,598,614.

If you look at the upcoming summer concerts, you will find that tickets cost over 1200 SEK each. The Abba Arena in London can accommodate up to 3,000 visitors per show, and the concert lasts for 90 minutes. The avatars, performing 20 songs, are backed by a live band on stage.

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