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ABAX will be carbon neutral two years earlier than planned

ABAX will be carbon neutral two years earlier than planned

At the start of 2020, ABAX begins its journey to becoming carbon neutral and aims to achieve this by 2022. In its first sustainability report, ABAX announced that it was becoming carbon neutral two years earlier than planned.

ABAX met all environmental goals

2020 was a successful year for the ABAX value chain, which succeeded in achieving all of its environmental goals, reducing CO2 emissions and starting to make its supply chain more environmentally friendly. Emissions have been reduced by a staggering 48% and the rest is offset by PAS 2060-certified CO2 projects supporting local communities in Central Africa. To do more ABAX teamed up with WeForest More than 100,000 trees were funded during the year to help combat deforestation in southern Malawi.

ABAX’s responsibility extends far beyond being carbon neutral. They have also started working with the supply chain, customers, and NGOs to have a completely positive impact on the climate, says Taryn Lynn Sumpton, Sustainability Advisor Apax.

In 2020, ABAX also begins the transition to an all-electric vehicle fleet. Along with other initiatives to manage fleet emissions, we have reduced our fleet carbon dioxide by 63% from the previous year.

The neutral appliance packaging produces carbon dioxide

the report It shows outstanding work and performance during the year and one of the changes that has had a major impact is the re-packaging of devices that are now manufactured in CO neutral. The aim was to reduce waste and use sustainable source materials that have been achieved.

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In addition to packaging redesign, ABAX measures and manages a number of KPIs that help create a greener value chain. Of particular interest is their cooperation with the manufacturer; After scaling up sustainable solutions dramatically in 2020 with exciting news emerging in the second quarter of 2021.

Dedicated to sustainability

Over the past year, ABAX has taken its work in corporate responsibility and social impact to the next level after declaring “sustainability” as one of its corporate values. Sustainability has been chosen as one of the highest priorities among ABAX employees and has been a part of the conversation throughout the organization ever since.

In 2020, ABAX formed the ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, created its first public sustainability report, reported emissions in accordance with International Reporting Standards, and has ongoing support from top management. I expect that the ABAX commitment will have a positive impact on all stakeholders in the organization, as Taryn Lynn Sommpton concludes.

The report was published on

for more information:

Bruce Attlee Carlsen, Performance manager Apax
e-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +47 930 05 747

Taryn Lynn SomptonAnd the Sustainability Advisor Apax
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +47 902 56 108

ABAX is the second largest telecom company in Europe and one of the biggest players in the Internet of Things. Today ABAX Global Networks consists of over 40,000 customers with over 450,000 subscriptions – and it’s growing all the time.

We are at the forefront of the market with services that connect corporate assets. Our mission is to help clients run their businesses smarter. Our solutions facilitate increased efficiency and compliance with laws and regulations while increasing customer profitability. We develop our own line of hardware, firmware and software; It is joined to an open platform, connected to the global ABAX network. Enthusiasm, innovation and sustainability are at the core of our customers’ experience with ABAX, which gives our customers a glimpse into the future with countless possibilities.

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ABAX has 300 employees spread across sales, customer service, marketing, management, quality and product development. We are represented in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and the United Kingdom and our headquarters are in Larvik, Norway.