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Premium government loans can reduce the cash contribution

Premium government loans can reduce the cash contribution

As DN can show, the requirement for a cash contribution of 15 percent of the purchase price is a tough hurdle for many first-time buyers, who are usually the youth. In many cases, the effort management savings is as much a matter of standing in the rental queue.

At a press conference last month, Goran Pearson criticized the cash contribution and said it was time to “discuss an occasion” with the Swedish Financial Supervision Authority on how to “handle” the requirements.

– He said that sometimes it becomes completely impossible for hardworking young men to deal with it, among other things.

Swedish state It has largely withdrawn from the early 1990s from the housing market. Instead, new rules have been introduced that make it more difficult to enter the market.

In addition to the cash contribution, Finansinspektionen has introduced amortization requirements, as well as more stringent amortization requirements. The interest rate that borrowers must be able to afford has also been raised from 4.5 to 5 percent to 7 percent.

This is where Sweden differs From several other countries close. In Norway, there has been adequate housing provision for young people for decades. Parents can start saving and the child takes charge when he or she reaches adulthood.

Through state guarantees, in practice, monetary investment in Finland is only about four percent for first-time buyers.

France and the United Kingdom both have systems with state-backed start-up loans, and in Germany there are housing savings banks. The saver can borrow as much as the person who saved.

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We might see now Transformation in Sweden. In December, the government appointed an investigation to see how the state could make it easier for first-time buyers.

Among other things, investigator, SKB CEO Eva Nordstrom, will examine how the government startup loan is designed to be an aid to buyers. The investigator should also come up with other suggestions to “make it easier for first-time buyers”.

There is also a hint of a looser regulatory framework whereby Nordstrom is also mapping out “different types of households in different parts of the country” terms.

Depending on how far the investigator goes with his proposals – and how well they are received by the government and parliament – this could be the first step as the state once again assumes a certain responsibility towards people without wealth or queuing up time to be able to do so. Find a reasonable home.

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