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A special screening of the film Bristol Neurodivergence was held

A special screening of the film Bristol Neurodivergence was held

  • Written by Deacon Hopper and Yasmine Kitibuah Foley
  • BBC News, Bristol

Comment on the photo, The draft of the film was shown to children, teachers and council members

Children took part in a special screening of a new film aimed at helping to educate pupils about neurodiversity.

Murmuration Community Therapy, a non-profit organization based in Bristol, is producing the film in partnership with the city council.

Viewing on January 12 included neurodivergent children, parents, a teacher, guardians and the film's director – who was keen to get some feedback.

“It's absolutely amazing,” said Tamara, 11, who watched the film.

She suffers from dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD]autism spectrum disorders [ASD] And dyscalculia.

“It perfectly encapsulates how people are so different now, and now we've discovered all about this different neurological difference,” Tamara said.

The idea is to screen the video across Bristol schools to encourage understanding and empathy.

Comment on the photo, Tamara (pictured third from left) said she really enjoyed the film

Co-director Bobbie Villiers said there was an “urgent need” to help these children who had a “higher incidence of bullying”.

The film, which was also reviewed by council members, includes children between the ages of 11 and 13 talking about their school experiences and how they try to adapt to the world around them.

Consider the film that was commissioned by people with special educational needs and disabilities [SEND] A team from Bristol City Council will bridge this gap between pupils.

Comment on the photo, Ms. King said the film should be shared at a “teacher training level.”

Former teacher Lavinia King, who has a son with dyslexia and attended the presentation, said there was no resource like this when she was teaching in 2010.

She said: “The film was wonderful, and it should be shared at the teacher training level.”

“I think if you talk to most teachers, transmission is part of what we're trained to do, and it's a very small aspect.

“I feel very strongly about normalizing distancing in schools.”

Comment on the photo, Ms. Villiers said she was “excited” for the group to see the film

Ms Villiers added: “This video was created to address a pressing need in this city and perhaps across the country.

“It was really exciting to see the group watching the draft.” Murmuration Community Therapy has now launched a crowdfunding scheme to help fund the film's release.