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A quick workout trick that boosts your mood

A quick workout trick that boosts your mood

Right now, running can feel extra traditional. But the truth is, you don’t have to go far to achieve positive effects.

A new study published in the journal temper natureHe explains that you only need to run moderately for ten minutes to feel better, reports Barber.

The researchers asked participants to run on the treadmill for ten minutes and use only half of their maximum capacity, which corresponds to a fairly moderate intensity. They then found a marked increase in the participants’ well-being as well as increased activity in the frontal portion of the brain’s frontal lobe – an area associated with the brain’s mood regulation and stress management, according to the news site.

Mood exercise

Although the study only used 26 participants, it gave the researchers an indication of how exercise improved mood in addition to releasing only endorphins. It’s one of the first studies to consider how much or how little we humans need to achieve this positive effect of running.

The companion from the study is that we don’t need to do any long runs or hard workouts in the cold of winter to boost our mood. Running for ten minutes at a moderate pace is simply enough.

“Running can be considered a mood-enhancing exercise, which is an important factor in exercise adherence.”, the researchers say, according to Stylist.

Thus, a better mood in the short term will give better results in the long term.

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