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New outbreak of bird flu in Skåne

New outbreak of bird flu in Skåne

The facility was completely cordoned off and the Swedish Agriculture Board decided on a 10-kilometre restriction area around a total of three stables, which are located in Skorup municipality.

“We continue to see significant outbreaks of avian influenza in Europe, and it is not surprising that we are getting more cases in Sweden as well,” Katharina Geelen, head of infection control at the Swedish Council of Agriculture, says in a press release. .

This is the second Swedish case of bird flu affecting poultry in this flu season. At the beginning of December, an infection was detected on a farm with about 30 hobby chickens and ducks, also in Skorup municipality.

This past winter and spring, Sweden was hit by its most dangerous bird flu season to date.

“To be able to fight infection, it is important to detect the virus early and you as a producer to be fully aware of the symptoms, especially the increase in mortality and to contact a vet immediately,” says Katharina Gillin.

“What we saw last season is that the infection came from wild birds and did not spread among the infected flocks.”

Facts: bird flu

Avian influenza is one of the most dangerous diseases that can affect poultry.

This disease is caused by influenza virus which can cause sudden outbreaks with very high mortality rate.

Some types of viruses can infect humans, but they are very rare. In Sweden, no human has so far contracted bird flu.

Last winter, Sweden was hit by several outbreaks in what has been described as the worst bird flu season to date. Among other things, Sweden’s largest egg producer, in the municipality of Münsteras, was forced to kill about two million laying hens.

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According to the National Food Administration, there are no risks from eating chicken or eggs despite the flu outbreak.

Source: Swedish Board of Agriculture, Swedish Veterinary Institute, and others.