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A paradigm shift in the way autism and ADHD are viewed is necessary

A paradigm shift in the way autism and ADHD are viewed is necessary

From diagnosis to operation

– Healthcare today is better at diagnosing problems with neuropsychiatric disorders, but the difficulties that lead to diagnosis do not tell us what we need to know for solutions at the individual level, says Sven Bolte.

How a person functions in everyday life often tells more about what support the person needs than the diagnosis. The World Health Organization, WHO and the National Board of Health and Welfare have long advocated the use of the International Classification System (ICF) to map individuals’ strengths and difficulties and to determine how environmental factors facilitate or inhibit them. person KIND is leading an international research effort to develop a practical, web-based tool that can go from words to action. Today, autism of the ICF core set and adhd of the ICF core set are ready to be widely tested in a comprehensive study.

-Two people with the same diagnosis can have very different challenges depending on their conditions and the environment they are in, says Sven Bolte. By focusing on how a person actually functions in their daily life, the individual, caregiver, school, and family have a better chance of support based on individual limitations, strengths, and environmental conditions.

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