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Top M: SD should separate from the far right |  the world

Top M: SD should separate from the far right | the world

Thomas Tobey (centre) expects to continue cooperation with the S and L group in the European Parliament.

Photo: Anna Karen Nelson

SD leader Jimmy Acheson.

Photo: Sven Lindwall

The tone between Magdalena Andersson (south) and Ulf Kristersson (centre) is often high, and their parties face a formidable rival. But in Brussels the situation is completely different.

There, the conservative EPP group, which includes M and KD, controls most matters, negotiating and settling with the social democratic and liberal groups.

It can therefore be said that the parties M, KD, S, C and L are part of the majority that decides most matters in the EU.

The article in brief

In the European Union, the conservative European People's Party group cooperates with social democratic and liberal groups. But nationalist party groups are expected to grow in the EU elections scheduled for June 9.

Thomas Tobey, the moderates' candidate, questions cooperation with the SPD in Brussels, and puts forward a number of demands for the SPD to get closer to each other at the EU level. The SD party needs to be more clear in its support for Ukraine and its criticism of Hungary.

Toby is skeptical that Sarah Skytdal is pushing the Swexit case, which could prevent her from joining the M-KD group in the EU.

“sets a number of limits”

But with the rise of nationalist parties across the continent, this system is being challenged, and within the right-wing group the European People's Party, there is more and more talk of cooperation with the right.

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However, Thomas Tobe, who was an MEP for five years and now tops the list of moderates ahead of elections on June 9, questions the tilt towards the CDU group.

-I think it is important to set a number of boundaries. You must be a supporter of Ukraine. He adds that you cannot dismantle the rule of law, and you must be a constructive European party.

“I would like to see more positive Sweden Democrats in Brussels,” says Thomas Tobey.

Photo: Anna Karen Nelson

According to Tobi, this is causing the downfall of a number of right-wing parties, including the Polish Law and Justice Party, which ruled Poland until recently and which was part of the SD group in the European Parliament. Even Hungary's Fidesz party, which may join the group, wants M to stay out of influence.

– This means that we prefer to look at a number of individual parties that we feel can make a positive contribution. On immigration and crime, for example, says Thomas Tobey.

As an example of “constructive right-wing parties,” he mentions Italy’s brothers.

The seven party groups in the European Union

The conservative group EPP, which includes M and KD.

The social democratic group, S&D, which includes S.

The liberal group, Renew Europe, which includes C and L.

The green group, which includes MP.

The nationalist group ID, which includes the French National Assembly and the Alternative for Germany. There are no Swedish members.

The national conservative group, ECR, which includes SD.

The left group, which includes V.

The Brotherhood of Italy party, led by Giorgia Meloni, represents a heavy force in the European Union, which M wants to get closer to.

Photo: Cecilia Fabiano

The Georgia Meloni Party is nationally conservative and is part of the same party group as the SD Party.

Photo: Alessandro Serrano

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What is required: to be tougher against Hungary

Tobi does not rule out cooperation with the SD party, but in this case they must first show that they adhere to a number of basic principles in Brussels – which they have so far failed to adhere to.

– I would like to see more constructive Swedish Democrats in Brussels. Because there they preferred to hold press conferences with Le Pen and Fidesz rather than participate in negotiating a new immigration policy, Tobi says.

What are your requirements from SD to be able to cooperate with them at EU level?

– I do not want any more statements from Jimmy Acheson, where he talks about there being a limit to support for Ukraine. They must also be prepared to be tough on the Cub when it comes to dismantling the rule of law. They need to quit this country of whistling about Swixit.

Sarah Skytidal cannot sit in the EPP group if she wants to run Swexit at the same time, according to Thomas Tobey.

Photo: Anna Karen Nelson

According to Tobi, the fact that the SPD refrained from taking a position in opinion polls on punishing Hungary, which has also distinguished itself as the most Russia-friendly country in the European Union, is telling.

– I think this is weak. He says their position seems to be that we shouldn't care about what happens in other countries.

“Close historical relations with Putin”

Instead, Tobey expects the group of moderates, long the largest in the EU, to continue shaping the left by cooperating with the SPD group and the liberal group of C and L.

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– If we want to have a majority based on the fact that support for Ukraine remains intact and that we are able to move things forward, we must build broad majorities.

Thomas Tobey tops the list of moderates for the European Parliament.

Photo: Anna Karen Nelson

Meanwhile, Toby warns of the success of the far right.

– There were a number of parties in these caucuses that have historically had fairly close relationships with Putin and Russia. That's why I think this center-right cooperation will continue.

Demand for Skyttedal

Among the people who have been part of the same party group as Thomas Tobe for the past five years is Sarah Skittidal, who recently left the KD to run for the newly formed Volklestan, alongside Jan Emmanuel.

Sarah Skytidal and Jean Emmanuel lead Volklistan and challenge established parties in the EU elections.

Photo: Anna Karen Nelson

Toby feels particularly regretful that it pushes the issue of renegotiating Sweden's membership according to the British model, and opens the door to Sweden's exit from the European Union.

He confirms that it could also spoil her plans to be part of M's and KD's party group.

– We have made it clear that if Swexit continues to operate it, it will no longer be relevant. But if it wants to be a constructive force, we don't close any doors, he says.

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