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0 billion is being invested in broadband in the United States

$450 billion is being invested in broadband in the United States

The initiative was presented by Biden himself at a press conference at the White House and is seen as part of the economic investments the Biden administration is making now ahead of the 2024 election.

These investments will help all Americans. Biden said: We will not leave anyone behind.

On the part of the White House, there are also parallels with the investment made in the 1930s under then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt to give all Americans access to electricity.

Each state guarantees $100 million in investment, while 19 states will receive more than $1 billion. The largest amount given to the state of Texas awarded is $3.3 billion, which is equivalent to SEK 35 billion.

Giving everyone in the United States access to a reliable and fast broadband solution is a bold goal, said Biden, especially for a country as geographically diverse as ours.

However, the challenges are not only related to geography and long distances. Bloomberg news agency writes that the current shortage of components could cause problems.

It is currently estimated that approximately 8.5 million households have connectivity capabilities below the standard set by the government in terms of charging speed.

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