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Two left in the British command battle - Sunak's favorite

Two left in the British command battle – Sunak’s favorite

Sunak received the most votes of all votes to lead the party and was the favorite to secure a nomination for the final round. Also in the last round, he received the most votes, 137, while Liz Truss got 113.

Penny Mordaunt got 105 votes and is therefore out of the game. In a statement, she thanked her supporters and said she was indebted to her friends and colleagues who supported her.

Ready to go fast

In a statement, Liz Truss also thanked fellow Conservatives for their support, adding that she was “ready to start a scoop from day one”, referring to whether she has been elected as the new leader of the Conservative Party.

“This is indeed a solid result with a clear mandate from the members” and that Sunak is the “best fit person” to beat Labor in the upcoming elections, Rishi Sunak’s campaign staff said in a statement.

On Monday, the BBC will host a televised debate between the remaining candidates, which will also campaign for leadership in the coming weeks.

Who will ultimately be elected party leader over the summer will be decided by mail vote of more than 160,000 Conservative Party members. The result will be announced on September 5th.

Pogo thanked himself

Outgoing Tory leader Boris Johnson held his last questions as prime minister in the British House of Commons on Wednesday, declaring that “mission is largely completed”.

He urged his successor to “stay close to Americans, stand up for Ukrainians, stand up for freedom and democracy everywhere,” as well as cut taxes and lift restrictions where possible, according to AFP.

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His last words were “hasta la vista baby” before leaving the house to thunderous applause from Conservative MPs.

Member of Parliament since 2015 and has made a rapid career within the party. Appointed Minister of Finance 2020 in the government of Boris Johnson.

It was Sunak who, along with former health minister Sajid Javid, unleashed the wave of defections from Johnson’s government that later led to his downfall.

He was born in Southampton in the south of England. His parents are originally from India and immigrated to England in the 1960s.

Sunak is one of Britain’s richest people alongside his wife, Akshata Murti, who is the daughter of an Indian billionaire.

He is popular with the country’s conservative voters. Her portrait was designed after former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

As foreign secretary, she was at the center of Britain’s support for Ukraine and Western sanctions against Russia.

She was born in Oxford to a mathematics professor and nurse. She is married to Hugh O’Leary and has two teenage daughters.

If Truss wins, she will be Britain’s third female prime minister.

Source: AP, BBC, TT