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“My friends give me money – because they want to” |  Sweden

“My friends give me money – because they want to” | Sweden

The 23-year-old lives a life of luxury on the coast of a Middle Eastern country, a place she doesn't want to pinpoint exactly.

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Previously, the woman was active on Onlyfans and received Swish payments worth SEK 1.6 million in 2020 and 2021.

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A woman lives a life of luxury in a coastal country in the Middle East with her boyfriend who supports her. She does not want to reveal her exact location, and is registered as an immigrant with the IRS.

She is 23 years old, grew up in northern Sweden and always knew she didn't want to live a life that meant “working at Ika, splitting the rent 50/50 and then retiring”.

“I've always wanted to be a luxurious wife,” she says on the phone.

Before meeting her current boyfriend, she was active on Onlyfans, a site where you can post photos and videos to a locked account and get paid from followers. The material is often sexual in nature, but it doesn't have to be.

During 2020 and 2021, Swish received payments to its account equivalent to SEK 1.6 million. According to the Swedish Tax Agency, gifts to relatives are excluded from this amount.

The article in brief

A 23-year-old woman from northern Sweden is living the high life in the Middle East with her supportive boyfriend. She does not want to reveal her exact whereabouts and is registered as an immigrant with the IRS.

Previously, she was active on Onlyfans and received Swish payments equivalent to 1.6 million kroner during 2020 and 2021, which the Swedish Tax Agency considers to be commercial activity. However, the woman claims that the money was gifts from her friends and sugar daddies.

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Now the Tax Agency has claimed 400,000 kroner in VAT and tax additions and is increasing the tax by more than 750,000 kroner. The 23-year-old is appealing the decision. She believes it is about gifts, that she does not have to pay taxes in Sweden because she emigrated, and that she has expenses that the Swedish Tax Agency ignores.

“I didn't do anything for money”

The body claims in its review that it earned money partly from selling horse products – but above all from Swish Onlyfans subscribers. Which business activity should be subject to tax, according to the Swedish Tax Agency.

But the 23-year-old disagrees.

– A lot of guys have followed me and want to support what I do. This does not mean that I have Finished She pretends to do something to get money.

– I didn't think I had to pay tax because they were gifts. I had boyfriends and sugar daddies, they gave me money.

– I can go to dinner with them, and get 10,000. My friends have always given me money – because they want it.

She believes the Swedish Tax Agency should take into account that her lifestyle of travel and beauty products costs money. Plus, it's not even written in Sweden anymore, she points out.

“You wouldn't have gotten the gift if you hadn't performed.”

But the tax agency does not accept the woman's explanations and demands an amount of more than 400,000 Swedish krona in VAT and tax additions. At the same time, women's taxable income also increases by more than 750,000 SEK. It is not clear how much additional income tax will have to be paid.

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– If you receive gifts and they are in fact unpaid gifts, they are tax deductible, says Pia Blank Thornroos, a lawyer at the Swedish Tax Agency.

If you receive a gift because you did something, it is called a “reward gift.”

– You wouldn't have gotten that gift if you hadn't performed. Unlike if you were sitting with a cup in front of you at Central Station.

– The tax agency and this person simply have different views. The IRS sees evidence that the person did something to get the money, while the person claims he “just got it.”

She says it also doesn't matter whether the woman lives abroad now.

– When you received the money, where did you live then? It is crucial.

The 23-year-old woman appealed the IRS decision in consultation with her lawyer.

– I'll be very competitive with this. They have no right to tax me for the money I received for free. For example, Christmas gifts. “I think I got 40,000 kroner on Christmas Eve, so they mean I have to pay tax for that,” she says.

“I will get married soon”

The 23-year-old believes she left Sweden and her family behind and chose a different lifestyle.

-I was a very independent person. I dared to try my wings.

How do you deal if the relationship with your friend ends?

– The thing is that I get many things from it. Even if it ends, I'll be fine with them for a while, until I meet a new guy.

-I will get married soon, then I will get 50% of all assets.

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In Sweden, the soft girl trend is currently being discussed, where women choose not to prioritize career and salary. The 23-year-old says she understands the criticism directed at the luxury wife, but she still stands by her choice.

-We women carry children for months, clean and cook. We make a house a home. Man depends on us a lot. Deep down, guys just want to spoil their girl. I feel bad for all the girls who have to struggle.