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100 Day Master System #100: Audio Chaos

100 Day Master System #100: Audio Chaos

Sonic Mayhem: Title screen.

It is called the finish line of this long journey sonic the hedgehog mayhem, Or just Sonic mayhem, the last Sonic platformer released on the Master System. Developed by Facewhich greatly influenced the Master System and Game Gear (among others The deep duck problem And Batman returns). The title only reached us in Europe and they are Technology game– Brazilian Fanatics and they did it in late 1993. The same year also saw its release on Game Gear, and then in more regions. On the Wii Virtual Console, the Master System version was released in 2009, while the Game Gear version for the 3DS Virtual Console was cancelled.

Sonic mayhem It's a good swan song. A lot of people seem to like to criticize it for being too easy, but the Sonic games didn't need to be any more difficult. Focusing on speed while punishing her has never worked well for me. in Sonic mayhem However, you can be ridiculously fast and complete most courses within a minute without being completely confident in what you are doing. However, you miss out on an emerald, of which you usually have to collect a number. If you collect one hundred rings, you can participate in one of five additional tournaments, all of which contain emeralds. They are played in turns, and of course become increasingly difficult. The latter may be the only thing in it Sonic mayhem Which can be classified as difficult.

Generally it is Sonic mayhem Much better than Sonic the Hedgehog 28-bit version – This is the hill I'm dying on. The track design is better, both aesthetically and schematically, and the game flows better. Probably Music The one area where Sonic 2 wins (although not by much). But in Sonic Chaos, you can play as Tails for the first time in a Master System game. However, Tails is a fairly easy mode in an already easy game. He doesn't collect any emeralds at all, has more continuous and extra lives, and of course can fly for a while. Regardless, this sends more back into chaos.

This concludes this series of articles – thankfully, with a good game and science at the top. Considering the disruption in terms of quality, it's still saying something. A conclusion will appear in the coming days that includes some reflections, statistics, and future visions. Looking forward to it!