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A big jump in memory bandwidth in next-generation graphics cards

A big jump in memory bandwidth in next-generation graphics cards

When Nvidia releases the Geforce RTX 50 series and AMD Radeon RX 8000 series, all new graphics cards will use GDDR7 memory. Sources claim so And the account X-Kopite7kimi has previously released accurate information several times about upcoming products from companies.

The memory circuits the companies chose to use have the same capacity per circuit as current graphics cards — 16 gigabytes (2 GB) — but with much faster transfer speeds. GDDR7 circuits are specifically at 32 Gb/s versus the 20 Gb/si RX 7000 series from AMD and the 23 Gb/si RTX 40 series from Nvidia, which use GDDR6X memory.

He points out that this is the first generation of GDDR7 Extreme technology. Different manufacturers have slightly different plans, but analysts expect speeds of up to 36 Gb/s in 2026 and even higher a couple of years later before GDDR8 takes over around 2030. Capacity will also increase, as the JEDEC specification for GDDR7 allows up to 64 Gb/s the second. Circuit.

Memory bandwidth has become more important in recent years as more games have begun to take advantage of high-resolution displays with very large textures and other data that can be transferred back and forth between graphics memory, main memory, and storage. It's also an important specification for uses other than gaming, such as machine learning.

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