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10 million streamed games on Xbox Cloud Gaming

10 million streamed games on Xbox Cloud Gaming

At this point, a large percentage of gamers are probably familiar with the Microsoft Game Pass gaming adventure. The subscription service is available for both Xbox and PC, offering players a library of games to download for a monthly fee. The more expensive version of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate also includes Microsoft’s cloud service – Xbox Cloud Games.

Unlike regular Xbox Game Pass games, no local or advanced hardware download is required. Games are instead streamed from Microsoft’s server halls, which instead require a stable network connection. During an interview with the investor, CEO Satya Nadella is now introducing new numbers for the cloud service, which is said to have attracted everyone Ten million users.

However, Microsoft doesn’t say whether the numbers apply only to constantly active Xbox Cloud Gaming users. The service is also not available standalone, but only as part of an Ultimate subscription. In theory, Microsoft could count all end-subscribers who have used the service at some point, rather than the number of people whose games are primarily streaming through the cloud.

However, even ten million who have just tested the service are not a tiny number. By comparison, Xbox Game Pass as a whole had about 25 million users in January, which indicates that cloud gaming as a phenomenon has aroused relatively high interest among Microsoft subscribers.

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