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Dbrand is already back with newly designed PS5 side panels

Dbrand is already back with newly designed PS5 side panels

There was a short break after the warning from Sony.

Two days ago mentioned We that Dbrand received a letter from Sony regarding their black side panels – which they called Darkplates – for the Playstation 5. Sony found them guilty of both copyright infringement and piracy, because the side panels in question were essentially identical to the original panels.

But shame on the one who gives up, and only a day later, Dbrand is back with newly designed side panels, which are somewhat different from the originals. employment reddit They explained that the reason they stopped selling the original Darkplates was because Sony was able to patent the design, which Dbrand didn’t think they would get. Rather than taking it all to court, they decided to instead launch the redesign they’ve been working on in recent months.

The highlight of the new the design It is the intake of air for the console fans, which according to Dbrand will improve cooling. The design also comes not only in black but also in white and light gray. If you want to add a little color to your life, you can also buy clear vinyl strips of different colors, which are placed over the LED strip on the console.

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