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Your body is completely electric

Your body is completely electric

Touch or any other type of impact on a cell can create electrical impulses that spread to neighboring cells and cause them to react.

Such electrical signals have been shown to perform an important function during the fetal stage. Bioelectricity ensures that cells develop correctly in the right places in the body.

Electricity guides the fetus

Year 2011 He added Biologist Danny Adams at Tufts University in the United States applied a special dye to fertilized eggs of the clawed frog. The dye was sensitive to voltage and acquired a lighter shade as the voltage in the tadpole rose.

When the researchers studied the tadpole under a microscope, they saw a clear pattern in the electrical potential. Using a light shade, the pigment traced the outlines of eyes, nose, jaws and ears on the dark, shapeless tadpole – and after a few hours these features began to develop in the same places marked by the electricity.

in Another try Danny Adams' colleague, Michael Levine, went further to try to find out whether the increase in electrical voltage was what caused embryonic cells to develop into eyes, for example. Levin took a new group of tadpoles and injected a substance that affected the cells' ion channels, so that electrical potentials increased in certain places on the embryo.

The result was that the embryos developed extra eyes where the substance was injected, for example in the tail or in the intestines.

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