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New delta mutation discovered - 'could be more contagious'

New delta mutation discovered – ‘could be more contagious’

In recent days a new delta plus variant has been discovered, a mutation in the delta variant. Ali Mirazimi, professor of clinical virology at Karolinska Institutet and part-time employee of the Swedish Public Health Agency, thinks the variant is so new that there isn’t much information about it yet.

– Now we know very little about the delta plus variant, but there is data from India showing that it is a new variant that is starting to spread there. Indian researchers also say it may be more contagious.

“Nothing to worry about”

Ali Mirazimi currently sees no reason to be concerned about the additional new release.

– At the moment, it is interesting for researchers and authorities to follow, but there is nothing to worry about ordinary people.

According to Ali Mirazimy, two doses of the vaccine protect well against delta variants, but it is still unclear how well they protect against delta plus.

The first case of delta plus discovery in Denmark

On Saturday, the Swedish Serum Institute, the Danish equivalent of the Swedish Public Health Agency, announced that the country Discover his first state of delta plus variable. The case was discovered on June 21. The infected person was a passenger on a plane from Portugal.

The original delta variant was first discovered in India in October 2020, and thus was previously called the “Indian mutation”. Since the beginning of June, he has had It is spread in the United Kingdom It was behind 90 percent of all new cases. It has also established a presence in several parts of Sweden and according to Jan Albert, an infection control expert at Karolinska Institutet, Delta variable 50% more infection of other halo variables.

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Watch more in the clip above as viral researcher Ali Mirazimi tells how well the vaccine protects against delta variants.