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Xbox cloud services get their own streaming stick built into TVs

Xbox cloud services get their own streaming stick built into TVs

Microsoft is investing heavily in Xbox Game Pass, there’s no doubt about that. The concept was launched in 2017 and looks to evolve at a faster pace than ever before. Since last summer XcloudAnd the Play EA and many game studios, Including BethesdaWelcome to the Xbox family. Ahead of E3 Games Show, they’re sharing what they see ahead, with a focus on connecting gamers regardless of hardware.

Microsoft’s overall goal is to give users what they call an “Xbox experience” without the need for any hardware other than a console. To get there, they will work with TV manufacturers and build their services into networked TVs. They also confirm that they are working on their own streaming stick, to take Xcloud to all screens without the need for a game console. There is no timeline for when TVs will be equipped with Xbox services or when their input is determined by the streaming stick, but the concept seems similar to how Google works with Chromecast.

The thing getting a schedule is Xcloud for Browsers, which opens in a few weeks to all Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. Xcloud is supported by Edge, Chrome, and Safari, but it does not specify devices. in it Do beta tests Earlier this year, PC/Windows and iOS were included, but now they say nothing more than that users are “one click away from the games on almost any device.

Later this year, Microsoft will also integrate Xcloud with the Xbox app for PC, implementing more cloud solutions for its consoles, for example, to allow users to try out games before downloading them. In addition, Microsoft will also review and improve different subscription types to include more players. All updates Listed on the Xbox Wire blog, along with bits of their stats on how Xbox Game Pass affects player engagement and engagement.

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Xbox dominated the stage at E3 on June 13 with Bethesda. Really Phil Spencer and Satya Nadella talk warm About the company’s services and how Microsoft invests in them the games. However, there probably won’t be more major updates about Xbox Game Pass during E3, as the focus will instead be on the next round of game titles.

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