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Valheim's next major update will be out this fall.  Developers adjust schedule

Valheim’s next major update will be out this fall. Developers adjust schedule

Valheim was released as an early access game in February and the game quickly became very popular. In the spring, the developers Iron Gate Studio introduced some update plans and announced that four major updates would be released during the year. Looks like it was a bit wishful thinking and plans are now rearranged and the developers will focus on releasing the big Hearth & Home update during the third quarter. In a post about the changes, Iron Gate wrote, among other things:
“We don’t want to release an update we’re not sure about, and that’s not worth your time. With that in mind, the new roadmap will be a lot smaller, but we’ve made the decision to focus on the big Mistlands update right after we’ve finished Hearth and Home, and put aside the smaller updates in time. Present …

In the post, the developers also wrote that they weren’t prepared for the huge wave of players the game received upon release, and regarding that, the focus shifted a bit to fixing bugs of various kinds to deliver a stable gaming experience, which kept future updates down.

In any case. Hearth & Home is still on the way and in the post we’ll also find out what the update has to offer. Among other things, we will have the opportunity to use Darkwood to build houses and the cooking station will have some extra extras like spice racks, butcher tables, and some extra pots and pans.