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Women's coronation in an Olympic match - they beat South Korea 15-0

Women’s coronation in an Olympic match – they beat South Korea 15-0

Sweden had absolutely no problem defeating South Korea in the Olympic qualifying Group B match.

The match was already decided after the first half. Sweden had already had a 2-0 lead after three minutes and moved back to 7-0 after 20 minutes of play.

Sweden scored several beautiful goals, the goal even 6-0 was even more beautiful. Lisa Johansson’s Qatari pass straight through the South Korean area found Lenya Hiden putting the puck in the goal.

– Wow, what a sandwich! Lisa Johansson’s diagonal pass, want butter, cheese, and ham on that sandwich?

It was a complete elimination, and South Korea’s first shot on target in the eleventh minute of the second half says more about the Swedish supremacy.

Close to the goal score

Sweden was 11-0 after two stints after Velizia Wikner Zinkewicz, among others, scored a hat-trick – and went on to reach the Swedish goal record in a competitive national team match, a 16-0 against Great Britain from the 1990s.

Hope was sparked when Emma Norden completed a hat-trick 14-0 and Joanna Valmann 15-0.

But there were no more goals.

And speaking of records. The match was watched by 1,402 spectators at the Coop Norrbotten Arena in Luleå, equaling the new Damkronorna audience record for a match in Sweden. The previous record was 1,140 spectators.

Now, a decisive group final head-to-head against France awaits tomorrow. who were defeated just like Sweden after beating Slovakia 3-1 on Saturday. France beat Sweden 8-0 in a pre-tournament training match.

Sweden’s victory is there, and Sweden can book their trip to the Beijing Olympics in February.

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Sweden will have a little more testing tomorrow, but in the best of worlds you will also win this match very comfortably. It’s a very important match for Sweden, says SVT expert Maria Roth.