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Wishful thinking does not create security

Wishful thinking does not create security

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Let’s start with the obvious. The fact that there is no “EU defence” is due to the fact that the countries of Europe basically lack the military capacity to defend themselves.

Obviously, it would be fun if it weren’t for that, but the only European country with any military capacity to speak of is France. Paris also has a strategic culture and something similar to an overall idea of ​​how to use its military capabilities.

“strategic independence”

men Germany It has nothing close to effective defense even if it has the strongest economy in the European Union. For obvious historical reasons.

And you don’t like other big countries ItalySpain and Poland have a lot to offer.

frankrix chief Emmanuel Macron He has long spoken about what he calls “strategic autonomy” about the United States, and in Brussels there is a lot of blackout at the moment over defense initiatives.

It’s not bad in itself but the realism seems completely non-existent. What then is required for “EU defense” to become a reality?


First, member states must cease being sovereign states in defense policy and pool their defense budgets in order to co-finance strategic initiatives.

Will it happen? No.

Second, you need to significantly increase defense spending. The United States spends nearly four percent of GDP on defence, and the figure in the European Union is usually between one and two percent.

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Will anyone vote for her? nothing.

I left Britain

And third, there will be a parallel command structure Then need to build. Absolutely unnecessary because NATO already exists.

Not very likely, is it?

So sorry, then United kingdom After leaving the club, all talk of “EU defense” is in fact settled like a mirage in the desert.


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