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Haypp Group to First North - Behind Snusbolaget

Haypp Group to First North – Behind Snusbolaget

Admittedly, the song is “July, August, and September, It’s a Great Summer,” but it’s still true with the edit. When August ends, autumn is at least here. The holiday may have just ended and instead thoughts about the job have taken over. Perhaps summer brought with it the idea of ​​living in that dream, daring to invest entirely or just daring to try a little, on the side. The idea of ​​owning a limited company may seem a bit far-fetched. But, if not now, when is the time to start a limited company?

– We don’t think there is any reason to wait the other way around. You can continue as an employee and at the same time start a limited company. Ulrika Ahl, its marketing director, says the two have nothing to do with each other Win . Automated Accounting Service. We are the financial service that makes starting a company easy. We at Wint have expanded our offering in recent months and are now offering even more assistance to those who want to start a new company. Ulrika continues because although it may not seem too difficult, there are a lot of points that need to be selected in the correct order to make the list.

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All that is required is your capital

To start a limited company in Sweden today, everyone needs at least 25,000 SEK in capital. he decided. Creation of the Articles of Association and Articles of Association. Start a bank account, deposit your capital, and get a bank certificate. Sign the memorandum of association after which your company must be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and It may be possible to believe it is over, but no, you need to subscribe, incorporate shares, register real capital and then pay all fees as well. Then just wait. During the summer the processing times become long and it takes time before everything is approved by the relevant authority.

Yes, it is possible to find a thousand reasons not to start a limited company, because it seems complicated but also because it takes time. Communication with the bank, the Swedish Tax Agency and the Swedish Companies Registry Office is time consuming and most of all it seems like a long list of things that only consume energy. Authorities are hard to come by, papers have to be signed, accounts open and new banking agreements. So you have to dare.

Warehouse companies make it possible to be up and running almost instantly

If you have the courage, it is enough now to have 25,000 SEK to put into your share capital. It’s the money we always need to get started, it can’t be divided and it has to be available from the start.

– Capital, that’s all you need to be up and running. We don’t like waiting. Who does that? The best thing is to decide and feel like something is going on! That’s why we have this solution in that we offer you who wants to start a completely new company as a warehouse company. Then everything that can be prepared is prepared. Since we offer our new clients a limited company, there is no time between decisions and the ability to contact their first client, says Ulrika

Another advantage of not waiting until the end of the year is the opportunity to take profits early.

– You can only take profits at the end of each year at the end of the year, and although it’s a little sad that New Year’s Eve is only four months away, it allows you to collect your first profit in 16 months, rather than about 24 that you have to Wait if you start in January.

It’s easy to start a business.

Find out how you can start a company with Win

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