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WHO warns of rising epidemic in Europe

WHO warns of rising epidemic in Europe

The spread of the disease is increasing in Europe. For the fifth week in a row, the number of confirmed cases increased and the number of victims increased by six percent compared to the previous week.

At a press conference aired on Thursday Twitter, The European head of the WHO warned Hans Close Because if the spread of the disease continues at this rate, another half a million people could die in Kovit-19 in Europe and Central Asia by February next year.

Last week, 1.8 million people fell ill in Europe, an increase of twelve percent over the same period.

The main reason for this increase is the significant increase in recent weeks in countries such as Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. In Russia, the number of victims is increasing by about 40,000 a day, with a mortality rate of about 1,100 a day. The UK is at almost the same level, but with significantly fewer deaths. According to Johns Hopkins University, the vaccination rate for adults in Europe is about 75 percent, while in Russia it is about 34 percent for the entire population.

Hans Cluz points out that countries have issued restrictions on inadequate vaccination and one reason for the spread of the disease.

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