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Fishing fight: Britain calls ambassador to France

Fishing fight: Britain calls ambassador to France

In September, France was angered by the denial of fishing licenses to dozens of French boats on Channel Island, a jersey under British and British crowns. BBC.

The French issued a final warning on Wednesday evening that the country had violated the Brexit agreement, and if the dispute was not resolved by November 2, the country would introduce targeted measures. The country will tighten controls on boats and trucks while British boats will be brought in from specific ports. But that is not enough, and the French are threatening to cut off power to Jersey.

The night before Thursday The British tugboat Cornelis-Gert was detained at Jan Le Havre and fined at another boat checkpoint.

The company, which owns the former boat, says the trawler is engaged in legal fishing in French waters, but French Maritime Affairs Minister Annie Girard says it does not have a valid license. George Eustace, the British Environment Minister, has denied the allegations, saying the fishing boat was licensed by the European Union. He says it is not clear why the latter was removed.

The British Foreign Office is currently making the call The French ambassador and asked to explain himself.

“I have asked European Secretary of State Wendy Morton to summon the French ambassador to Britain tomorrow for talks on the frustration and excessive threats against the UK and the Channel Islands,” British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss wrote on Twitter.

Conflict related to fishing Has been going on for years and the Brexit agreement was a major stumbling block when negotiations were to take place between the EU and the UK. The French wanted continued access to British fishing waters, but the British said no.

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One year ago, the United Kingdom and the European Union finally agreed to a free trade agreement that would give the French the opportunity to continue access to fishing water for an interim period of five and a half years.

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