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"Where's Beyoncé when she needs it?"  , "The saddest thing I've ever seen" - Super Bowl halftime show featuring rice on social media |  Culture and entertainment

“Where’s Beyoncé when she needs it?” , “The saddest thing I’ve ever seen” – Super Bowl halftime show featuring rice on social media | Culture and entertainment

The NFL Finals attract an average of 84 million American viewers each year, in addition to many foreign viewers. It’s not just the match people want to watch – expectations for halftime show and commercials are often high.

There is a lot at stake each year regarding the Super Bowl. Who will win the cup? Who is implementing? What are the most talked about commercials?

Last year the NFL Finals were watched by more than 100 million Americans. At the time, a 30-second commercial in connection with the show cost about US $ 5.5 million.

Entertainment officials also face a lot of pressure as millions watch them and expect them to deliver – otherwise a storm of criticism sweeps them over social media afterwards.

Praised and critiqued on The Weeknd

The biggest attraction of the year when it came to entertainment was Grammy Award-winning singer The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye).

HER, Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan also appeared in connection with the match – as did poet Amanda Gorman, who participated in President Biden’s inauguration.

During a 12-minute performance, The Weeknd performed her hit songs StarboyAnd the The hillsAnd the I don’t feel my faceAnd the he got itAnd the Save your tears And the Blind lights.

The Weeknd received praise and rice on social media for her performance.

– What a great performance! What a production, what a choreography! And he did everything himself, one Twitter user wrote.

By “totally yourself,” a Twitter user means The Weeknd has invested a large amount of their own money into the performance to make it as good as possible. According to the New York Times About seven million dollars.

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– The Weeknd is very talented and the music is great … But the first half show was a disappointment, another Twitter user wrote, supported by many.

– The choreography and production were great, but somehow still incredibly boring, another wrote on Twitter.

Many cultural editors in various media houses criticize this behavior.

It’s easy to compare the artist to previous performers who performed related to the Super Bowl, which is something that happens nearly every year.

Especially many remember Beyoncé’s halftime show and also mention of Bruno Mars and Coldplay, Lady Gagas and Katy Perry’s shows.

Where’s Beyoncé when she needs it? Twitter user asks.

– Male artists bar is very low, post writes.

The Weeknd made its debut during the Super Bowl.
The Weeknd under Super Bowl 7.2.2021.
Photo: EPA-EFE / All Over Press
Super Bowl, Weeknd

Every year, various memes are also created based on the show. Below you can see one of them:

When I watch #SuperBowl # halftime for this year while I remember JLo and Shakira performing last year.

Many also discussed the appearance of The Weeknd dancers. The dancers wore white face masks and wore bandages around their heads where you could only see their eyes.

– Sounds like a horror movie! Twitter user asks why are they dressed like this?

The Weeknd under Super Bowl 7.2.2021.

The dancers wore white masks or bandages around their heads.
The Weeknd under Super Bowl 7.2.2021.
Photo: EPA-EFE / All Over Press
Super Bowl, Weeknd

The truth is that in terms of marketing his latest album, the artist applied makeup and dancers to imitate people who had undergone a facelift. The masks used during the halftime show mimic the bandages around the head after plastic surgery.

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– The meaning of the bandage around the head is to contemplate the ridiculous culture in Hollywood and among others, where one manipulates himself and his appearance for superficial reasons to please others and feel validated, The singer told Variety.

In many of his latest music videos and shows, the artist has also embraced the horror genre – including the song’s music video. in your eyes Assume the role of a serial killer.

Bet on expensive commercials with celebs and fun

Most of this year’s commercials for the Super Bowl have been easy and fun, but the policy has also pushed several commercials forward.

High-quality commercials with famous faces are popular with the hope of attracting millions of people who watch the show.

A car maker made an updated (short) version of the classic movie Edward Scissorhands (1990) In his commercial with actor Timothee Chalamet, a giant candy actor hired Dan Levy who urged everyone to unite by offering a bag of candy in forgiveness and another car maker assisted actors and comedians Will Ferrell, Awkwafina and Kenan Thompson in his commercial.

Will Ferrell in the advertisement related to Super Bowl.

Actor and comedian Will Ferrell was one of the popular faces to appear in commercials.
Will Ferrell in the advertisement related to Super Bowl.
BILD: Copyright © 2020 BACKGRID UK

One of the most political ads was a third carmaker when it hired singer Bruce Springsteen for a two-minute announcement of belonging to a polarized community.

It is no secret to anyone that it was difficult to reach the middle of the past – between red and blue (Republicans – Democrats), servants and citizens, freedom and fear. We need to get to the middle, Springsteen said.

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Various events

Thus the corona pandemic made the event minimized than it was in previous years. The audience usually seats over 60,000 people, but this year the stands were mainly filled with cardboard shapes.

About 22,000 people still have to watch the match – and everything else that belongs to the Super Bowl – live from the stands.

It’s unclear how many Americans have watched the show from home, but the number is expected to reach around 100 million.

People wearing cartoon on tripods during Super Bowl 7.2.2021.

Cartoon characters in the stands.
People wearing cartoon on tripods during Super Bowl 7.2.2021.
Bild: Agence France-Presse

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