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We were saved by the new Swedes – and now they are being deported – Kommunalarbetaren

We were saved by the new Swedes – and now they are being deported – Kommunalarbetaren

It is a fact that Sweden has a huge need for a competent workforce in care and social care. Across the country, hospice care calls for employees.

We are living longer and longer, and with a large population, the pressure on hospice care is increasing. At the same time, low salaries, a high workload and our poor schedules mean that staff run away from care and there is no one to fill in the blanks because fewer and fewer are applying to care and welfare courses.

For a long time this has led us straight into the catastrophic situation in which we now find ourselves.

For many years we have been rescued by new Swedes who have moved here and become interested in working in the healthcare professions. An example of this is in Harads, a village outside Boden. There, the Migration Agency has accommodations for asylum seekers.

There are also two private nursing homes here. In these workplaces, everyone who wants and can work in care and in other workplaces (school, preschool, cleaning and service).

He’s been here for many years

On the one hand, we don’t get temporary workers, and on the other hand, we have people from other parts of the world who want and are able to work, but are now receiving deportation orders where they can no longer stay. Sweden and Norrbotten and must travel to their home countries.

Many of them have families and children who were also born in Sweden and do not know a language other than Swedish. We should know that some have been here for many years, reading seven or eight years.

Today we see a huge challenge when employers have to recruit new colleagues in Kommunal contract areas.

If they are deported, it means not only the personal tragedies of individuals. It has dire consequences for a municipality like Boden. A ward or two may be forced to close due to a shortage of staff or replacements being found (despite the fact that many seniors are queuing up for a place in a nursing home).

Deporting these people means that the municipality is unable to provide the skills.

How will luxury adapt?

Every day, members are deported to other countries and we wonder: How will welfare be managed? Regardless of whether you work in the tech, healthcare, care or bus driving industries, today we see a tremendous challenge when employers have to hire new colleagues in Kommunal contract areas.

Many municipalities are crying out for action, but at the other extreme, the Swedish Migration Agency has decided to deport self-supporting taxpayers who do our welfare work. It rhymes so bad it’s crazy and unacceptable.

Obviously, this is about politics! How do we view employment from other countries? How do we take care of the people who come to our wonderful country?

And who will take care of you and me when we are old and sick?