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We tested the RIG 800 PRO HD.  Really cool headphone with Dolby Atmos.

We tested the RIG 800 PRO HD. Really cool headphone with Dolby Atmos.

What is the RIG 800 Pro HD?

The RIG 800 Pro is a series of headphones from Nacon that borders on the premium segment. You won’t find any superior functionality here like dual audio inputs or noise reduction, but here you get headphones that focus on what you might want most from a gaming headset, comfort and good sound.

There are three different models, all adapted for different platforms. HX is for Xbox, HS is for PlayStation and the HD, which we tested, is for PC (but also works with PlayStation, but without PlayStation 3D-Audio). It is also worth noting, much to everyone’s confusion, that both HX and HS can also be used with a computer.

What raises the temperature?

The build quality feels very solid and the covers are very soft as they are made of dual material. However, the lids felt on the verge of being way too small. It is very easy to adjust the size of the frame so that it fits well on both large and small heads. But overall, they feel really good to wear on the head, perhaps helped in part by the fact that they weigh just 290g. That and the soft caps mean you can wear them on your head for so long you almost forget you’re wearing them.

On the back you find knobs for volume and a nice rolling feel. Up front, there’s a noise-reducing flip-up mic that provides good, if not stellar, audio for other gamers.

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The HD model, which we tested, also works with PlayStation and works well for switching between it and PC. Simply move the linked USB drive between devices and get started. Just like many other wireless headsets, these do not work with both PlayStation and Xbox, so you need to choose the appropriate model before purchasing.

The sound is crystal clear and offers a good and wide vocal range which means you won’t miss out on many sounds. Even at higher volumes, everything looks exactly as it should. Headphones support Dolby Atmos on PC and Xbox if you have an associated Dolby app installed. The app isn’t exactly very exciting, but it does provide an opportunity to set the EQ and make sure that games or other things that support the audio format sound very good. However, really good surround sound is only limited to those that support Dolby Atmos, so the sound from everything isn’t like regular stereo headphones, but it does sound really good.

My favorite thing about these speakers is the included stand approx. It has minimal weight in it and that means you always have a place where your headset needs to be. It is very easy to put on and remove because it holds the headphone with magnets. The stand is connected to your computer via USB and means your headset is always charged when you’re there, meaning you always have a charged headset ready. The battery should also last 24 hours, so it’ll take a lot if the battery runs out during a session. The headset can also be charged directly via a USB cable if you don’t want or can’t use the place.

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What lowers the temperature?

The appearance in general can be admired a little differently, but this design style does not appeal to me very much. However, it’s kind of the standard pattern for gaming-related products like this, so that’s clearly how audiences want headphones. However, I found an unaesthetic design flaw with the microphone. As I mentioned above, it is silenced by raising the fender, but when folded it was visible out of the corner of my eye, which I found a bit annoying. Also, the microphone is not detachable, so it stays in place.

The slightly odd thing is that both the headset and the stand are Micro-USB connected, which feels a little dated now that USB-C has taken over.

Another thing I would have liked is that the headset would turn on by itself when removed from the housing. Now, it’s not that hard to press the button after you lift it up, but if it turns on on its own, it’s a lot smoother. The feeling of pulling the headset out of place is quite satisfying, and the good feeling is dampened a bit when you have to find and hold the button for two seconds to actually use it. Maybe the charging light in the place didn’t need to be as big as it is either.

The bottom line?

In the grand scheme of things, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. So if you can be lenient with the thing that brought the temperature down and maybe you have ears that are a little smaller than me, this is one of the nicer headphones I’ve tried.

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All RIG 800 Pro models cost 2,490 kr but can currently be had for a few thousand kr cheaper here and there due to the Black Friday craze.

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