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Looks like the E3 2001 Duke Nukem Forever version has leaked

Looks like the E3 2001 Duke Nukem Forever version has leaked

Many of us have moved on to the right money Duke Nukem Forever Released in 2011, fifteen years and countless delays after that Duke Nukem 3D. But soon it may be possible to test the version of the game shown at E3 in 2001.

This version appears to have leaked. at Job On 4chan, user “x0r” is sharing what appears to be playable code and content information. The material is said to contain almost every chapter of the fictional game, but only some of them have enemies – and some lack content. The sum up website. Material from an E3 show in 2001 will be included, and films will feature parties with or without enemies. Most weapons (but not chainsaws and freezers) should work, and the editor should work at full power.

The leak says that both the source code and the editor will be released online in June, which could lead to a lot Duke Nukem Forever2001 model material. If this happens, there is of course the risk that the download is illegal, as well as the risk that it will contain malicious code that you would never want on your computer.

George Broussard, one of Duke’s creators, says in a tweet that the leak looks real. Otherwise, he does not want to talk about it. Or, as he put it: “Reviving a painful past.” But he adds that it’s not a “game” that leaked, but rather a set of demo tracks. He concludes that he has no idea who leaked the substance.

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A set of movie clips from the leak: