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For sale: White Fristone gravel (size 56)

For sale: White Fristone gravel (size 56)

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Own gravel that is not used much.
Prefer to replace it with MTB.

Specifications and what they look like when new can be found here:

My pictures are coming.

The color is orange
Size: 56 (I’m 186cm tall, but it also works for taller people).
Condition: Good, we’ve done just over 400 miles.

Looking for a new 29-inch HT that’s so good it beefs up the frame and fork.
An XL would probably work but an L too.
The type doesn’t matter either.

Exchange value: hard but around SEK 8,000?
I can think of adding a little in between if needed.
Fenders and studded tires are included.

Is it interesting? Shoot the prime minister and we’ll get the details there.


Model year: 2018
measuring: big
boycott: Stockholm
place: Valentuna
published: 2 hours ago

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