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"We still have a chance to reach the quarter-finals."

“We still have a chance to reach the quarter-finals.”

Johann Garbenlov is happy after Tre Kronor's victory over Great Britain.

© Photo: Simon Hastegård / Bildbyrån
Johann Garbenlov is happy after Tre Kronor’s victory over Great Britain.

Tre Kronor beat Great Britain 4-1, its only second victory at the World Cup this year.

Then national captain Johan Garbinlov is optimistic.

We will win the remaining two games, he says.

Sweden started the Hockey World Cup with three defeats in four matches and won only against Switzerland.

On Friday, however, Tre Kronor achieved his second World Cup victory when he beat Great Britain 4-1.

Then it was Johann Garpenlov Satisfied with the team effort.

I take our offensive game with me and we had a lot of our imp and we had to work with it a lot today. The league captain says and continues:

We played a good offensive game, the shot and we are not looking for better positions but we are happy with the simplicity. Then I was hoping to see we scored another, of course. But I am very happy with the victory.

Means Too Much Self-Confidence

However, there are still a few things Sweden must hone and improve on before the last two games against Slovakia and the Russian national team.

What I want to see is that we are doing a little better doing the right things at the right time when we attack the attacking blue. It’s these little details that will make you win. These are the things we need to put together as a team.

However, beating Great Britain gives confidence to Trey Kronor and Johan Garpenlov who thinks there is still a good chance of reaching the qualifiers.

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Every victory means a lot of self-confidence. Set some goals and succeed in doing things, we take that with us and build self-confidence. In the last three games, we’ve won two games, two good games and then two good spells against the Czech Republic, but an even worse period.

– The last 3 games look really good based on how we play. I’m very happy with winning today because we still have a chance to reach the quarter-finals.

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