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We must have new rules in space

We must have new rules in space

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Image: SpaceX (Starlink)

There are rumors that large satellite swarms could disrupt operations in space as well as on Earth. Among other things, there are astronomers who question SpaceX’s deployment of 1,584 satellites in the Starlink constellation.

But today there is no way to prevent anyone from implementing even the most ridiculous projects in space. Who really decides what is unacceptable?

Now the British Foreign Office has presented a draft resolution stipulating that the United Nations should begin a discussion among all member states on defining responsible behavior in space. Reports Engineering and technology.

More and more private parties want to launch their technology into space, and there are even companies that want to use cubesats equipped with sails to write advertising messages that can be seen from Earth.

Britain, like all countries, has a number of areas of social importance that depend on satellites not being disturbed or destroyed – this applies to everything from telephony to banking and GPS. To be sure, an international agreement banning nuclear weapons in space has been in place for more than fifty years, but the British Foreign Office points out that otherwise, in principle, there are no meaningful restrictions on weapons in space.

“Conflicts in space can have far-reaching consequences, and all those in power must understand the importance of this, not only for their economies but also for global security. Preventing malicious activities and reducing the risk of incidents is extremely important for the UK. The British Defense Secretary said Ben Wallace, “Security and successful military operations depend on systems in space.”

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