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We have the list - can you test Android 13 beta 2?

We have the list – can you test Android 13 beta 2?

Google has released a new beta version of Android 13. The new beta version includes a number of new and updated features and tools.

One area that has seen widespread changes is user integrity with greater control over which apps can access files, including new categories for “Files and Media”, “Photos and Videos” and “Music and Audio”. Flexibility in wanting to share specific files with different apps, rather than just agreeing to everything. Another security feature introduced is that the clipboard is automatically emptied at short intervals.

The beta version also includes updates to the Material You engine with better icon management and a more consistent look.

Google has also started including some features from Android 12L with a new interface for multitasking with a new taskbar and the ability to move apps to the Desktop by dragging and dropping them with your finger. If you use a stylus to control the operating system, the new device has a better function to recognize and ignore your palm so as not to disturb the control.

The following manufacturers participate in beta testing. Note that it does not necessarily cover all of the different manufacturer’s devices.

  • Asus
  • Google Pixel
  • Lenovo
  • Nokia
  • oneplus
  • OPPO
  • real me
  • sharp
  • techno
  • vivo
  • xiaomi
  • ZTE
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