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"Apple is testing a foldable iPhone" - launched in 2025?

“Apple is testing a foldable OLED display” – launched in 2025?

Recent data suggests that Apple is moving forward with testing foldable mobile phone screens. To achieve success, OLED panels are built in a completely new way, according to the sources.

Ny Teknik previously reported that Apple is testing a 9-inch foldable mobile phone or tablet, according to well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Thinner OLED screens

The South Korean website The Elec has now published new information that could reveal new details about Apple’s foldable screens.

According to whistleblowers Elec has been in contact with, Apple is developing a new type of OLED screen where the polarizing filter has been removed. By removing the filter layer from the screens, it should be possible for Apple to build thinner, foldable OLED panels.

The polarizing filter is one of several layers in an OLED display, and it has the function of inverting reflections in the display.

Could it affect battery life?

The disadvantage of building OLED panels without polarizing filters is that the screen brightness must be increased as compensation – which in turn has a negative effect on battery life.

Samsung, which is also developing OLED displays without polarizing filters, wants to solve the problem by replacing the layers above with a color filter.

For example, a polarizing filter adds thicknesses from 50 to 100 µm or µm to an OLED screen. A layer consisting of a color filter that is only on its side It is up to 5 micrometers thick.

Higher resolution on screen.

Previous data claims that the pixel density of Apple’s expanded screens for mobile phones and tablets should be somewhere between the iPhone and the iPad, but the specifications may change. The modules currently being tested are said to exist to evaluate several key technologies.

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For several years there has been speculation that Apple is developing devices with foldable screens. However, some actual products have been delayed even though competitors like Samsung and Huawei have had foldable phones on sale for several years.

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Released later than expected

Ming-Chi Kuo previously speculated that Apple would release its first foldable device in 2024, but now estimates that it will happen in 2025 at the earliest.

Ming-Chi Kuo wrote on Twitter: “Probably the first to come out will be a “foldable iPad or an iPad-iPhone hybrid.”

He estimates that Apple will start with foldable screens of medium size, then switch to larger screens (such as heavy tablets) first to finally work with foldable screens the same size as current iPhones.

At the same time, a report comes from the site electricity Apple and LG are developing foldable OLED panels for computers and tablets. These panels will use an ultra-thin, foldable glass panel as protection instead of the protective plastic cover found on today’s foldable screens.