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Watch the first trailer for the Resident Evil series

Watch the first trailer for the Resident Evil series

Skeptical fans of the Netflix series Resident Evil.

Netflix has released a trailer for its upcoming series ‘Resident Evil’ – and initial reactions seem pretty skeptical.

has become Many vampireMovies of the last 20 years. Few of them are praised and often used as evidence of how hard it is to make good video game mods. With a strong franchise following, continuing to invest in video game-inspired movie adaptations has been deemed defensible.

The next adaptation attempt is Netflix vampireThe series, which begins July 14. The plot of the new series will take place in the year 2036, 14 years after the zombie virus spread and caused the end of the world. In the center of the series we find Jade Wesker (Ella Palinska) who is tormented by her past while she must fight for her own survival.

Other actors in the series include Lance RiddickAnd Turlaug ConveryAnd Tetiana Gaidar M. Netflix created the series with files Andrew Dabb.

Watch the trailer here:

Based on the initial feedback It seems that many fans of the game series are very skeptical about the upcoming Netflix series. Early comments on social media are very negative and most seem disappointed.

One user writes that this couldn’t look less than Resident Evil Youtube.

– Oh my God, why can’t one make a real Resident Evil adaptation, writes another.

About fan concerns It is justified or not remains to be seen after the series premiere, on July 14th. Despite seemingly low expectations, there seems to be a lot of interest and curiosity for this series.

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In total, the first season of the series will consist of eight episodes.

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