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Starfield game delayed until 2023 |  Movie Zen

Starfield game delayed until 2023 | Movie Zen

The space role-playing game “Starfield” from Bethesda Game Studios needs more time in the workshop.

It was already clear that Bethesda Game Studios (“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” and “Fallout”) was long overdue. “Starfield” It will be released for PC and Xbox on November 11th.

Bethesda is now announcing that both “Starfield” and Arkane Austin’s “Redfall” will be delayed until the first half of 2023.

-The teams at Arkane Austin (“Redfall”) and Bethesda Game Studios (“Starfield”) have incredible ambitions for their games, and we want to ensure you get their best and most polished versions of it, Bethesda wrote on social media.

Bethesda promises to delve into both games soon, suggesting ‘Starfield’ and ‘Redfall’ may appear on Xbox and Bethesda livestream On June 12.

“We want to thank everyone for your enthusiasm ahead of ‘Starfield’ and ‘Redfall.'” This energy is a huge part of what inspires us every day and drives our own drive for what we make, they continue.

“Starfield” is a role-playing game that is described as a completely new experience for the new generation of consoles with a focus on space. It’s Bethesda’s first new game series in over 25 years, so expectations are high.

A few years ago, Zenimax Media, which is the parent company, was acquired, among other things Bethesda Softworksover 66 billion Swedish kronor Microsoft. Other developers included in the purchase are Id Software (“Doom”), Arkane (“Dishonored”), and MachineGames (“Wolfenstein”).

Have you been looking forward to playing “Starfield” this fall?

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